Curriculum Trim Healthy You Intermediate Level (designed for grade 6-8)

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Trim Healthy You is a full health and nutrition curriculum kit that fills a large, gaping hole in the education world. Knowledge about how to eat wisely is one of the most important things your student needs to learn.

The Trim Healthy You Intermediate Level is geared toward students from sixth through eighth grade (or higher). The kit includes a work/textbook, an exclusive, laminated recipe card set, an age appropriate exercise card set, hands on activities to appeal to every type of learner, and an interactive online parent portal that will easily guide you through the teaching process. The Intermediate Level empowers students with the knowledge and skills to help them make their own choices when it comes to better nutrition. Using sound, grounded health wisdom that ignites natural curiosity, it imparts scientific information, Biblical references and practical how to’s in a fun and approachable way.

Intermediate level students will thoroughly explore the vital importance of all three macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates required for healthy living. They will dive deeper into discovering how keeping a stable blood sugar is the key to long-lasting health and how eating (or drinking) high amounts of sugar and devitalized, packaged foods can cause lasting harm. Topics such as superfoods, hydration, exercise, body image, hormone changes and eating out are also covered. Time tested nutritional truths are taught in a fun and engaging way with an emphasis on health rather than weight, so that as students mature into adults, they’ll have a solid nutritional foundation to help steer them past the many trendy, yet harmful fad diets they’ll inevitably encounter. Throughout the workbook, they will have opportunities to try different foods with exclusive recipe cards designed just for their level of cooking skills. Also included are hands-on activities, posters, and various trackers to bring their lessons to life. Students are also provided with a map of their journey to a trim healthy life with summaries of each chapter that can be displayed for review and refreshing. With purchase of the kit, you as parent or teacher will have lifetime access to the exclusive Parent Portal which contains extra resources just for you, as well as PDFs to every part of the kit, including the workbook. There will be a forum for parents to chat about the curriculum and even a place to upload videos of your kids cooking in the kitchen. This will be an invaluable resource for your family that can be used for years to come!