THM Natural Burst: Maple 2oz

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Trim Healthy Natural Burst extracts have arrived to amp up flavor in all your healthy treats! No more “same old-plain old” flavor profiles. Natural Bursts will keep your taste buds tap dancing through any flavor whim.

As with any Trim Healthy product, we have your health covered too. Extracts too often mean artificial ingredients or questionable extraction processes. Not so with Natural Flavor Bursts, integrity and natural purity spearhead the entire flavor extraction process and drive the choice of pure ingredients.

We are proud to use and take back the word “Natural.” This word has been so watered down and laced with deception and foolery just to make a buck. We stamp it on each bottle of Natural Burst with the fullness of its definition and with earnest intention. Our Natural Burst bottles list “natural flavors” in the ingredients but don’t think for a second it means what many other companies mean whey they slyly list it. We say NO to chemicals, NO to propylene glycol, NO to MSG and No to artificial anything!!!!! Natural finally means natural… what a concept!

We want to Burst true Natural flavor fun into your recipes and into your celebrations. Use Natural Bursts to celebrate your next kitchen adventure because the simple blessing of eating is a beautiful gift and is worth throwing a flavor party.

Gluten Free
The THM Natural Bursts are NOT composed of ingredients that contain gluten from wheat, barley, rye triticale, oat or spelt.

All of the THM Natural Burst line are considered natural under existing United States regulations and industry standards. These products do not contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, synthetic carriers, synthetic solvents or antioxidants.