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16 oz BPA Free Bottle

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This is the ultimate “trimmifying” oil, with 100% Medium Chain Trglycerides that boost your metabolism like rocket fuel. MCT Oil has become the delicious and multi-talented dietary BFF of Trim Healthy Mamas all over the globe. Its succulent silky texture and neutral taste make it perfect to whip into your morning coffees that we call “Trimmies” and to drizzle over large leafy salads topped with protein. It delivers a very fatty mouth feel but provides the fewest calories of any oil!

MCT Oil raises your thermogenic temperature and brings on a metabolic inferno. Since it is burned up for energy so quickly it is very difficult for it ever to be stored as fat. This immediate fuel source becomes easily available for organs and muscles and promotes lean muscle increase at the same time as fat shedding.

This is no ordinary oil, it’s talented and scrumptious. Drizzled, swirled, tossed or whipped into food, it turns everyday meals into extraordinary healthy fare. If you need fat blasting, a dose of energy or fuel for a tired brain, just reach for your bottle of Trim Healthy Mama MCT Oil. It makes everything more “hummy”… that is healthy and yummy in one.

MCT Oil from Coconut and/or Palm Oil

Contains: Tree Nuts (coconut)
100% MCTs: 61% C8 Caprylic Acid and 39% C10 Capric Acid

Suggested Uses:
Salad Dressing

Supports Weight
Good Source of Energy

Want to learn more? Check out this great article by Serene Allison! benefits of mct oil

Due to the expense of the packaging needed to safely ship the 32 ounce glass jars we previously carried, as well as the loss due to breakage, we have chosen to use BPA free plastic bottles.