GuateMama Java Ground Roasted

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The GuateMama Java story began when two Mamas boarded a helicopter and flew (or should we say bounced around in the air in treacherous weather) to a village almost 8000 feet up in a remote mountain range. It was rumored the best and purest coffee grew there. There are no main roads into this village… it is a pristine, untouched area, basically cut off from the rest of the world… No helicopter had ever landed there before. The two Mamas made it alive (just) and spent a day with the people of the village. The incredible, untouched and wild beauty of the area was only surpassed by the people of the village themselves. For generations they had devoted themselves to growing coffee unlike any other. They had put in on their backs and walked for days into the closest town to sell it. Now the two Mamas were offered the opportunity to bring it to the world.

Okay, enough of this third person stuff… ta da… the two Mamas are us… Serene and Pearl, your friendly neighborhood Trim Healthy Mama authors. We are bursting with pride and honor to bring you the purest, cleanest and yes… most amazing tasting coffee to ever grace your cup. GuateMama Java is grown on steep mountainsides where the natural flora is the shade, the wild bees are the pollinators and the clean, mountain rain is the magic liquid that makes the beans so special.

This incredible coffee is bursting with antioxidants and many find it gentler on the tummy. Coffee from this region is renowned for the least micro toxins. The high altitude inhibits the growth of mold and fungus. Yes, it is certified organic but it is far more than that. Much organic coffee is grown in low lands where all vegetation is stripped and artificial shade is used all to make a quick coffee buck. GuateMama Java is grown with the honor of generations. It is tended and cared for by beautiful families who pour love, heart, and soul into their own little piece of the mountain and their own little plot of coffee. And that… Ladies and Gentlemen, is the real reason this coffee is so special!

Ingredients: 100% organic, mountain grown Guatemalan coffee

Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, wheat, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and coconut.