I’m That Girl



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Get the book that will change your mind, your speech and your life! It is not specifically a health or weight-loss book yet is by default because the way we eat begins with the way we think.

Get encouraged and inspired as you annihilate the life long lies you’ve believed and spoken about yourself and start thinking, speaking and practicing truth.

You know THM as a health and wellness brand. You know us as the sisters who have been cheering women on to become their trimmiest and healthiest selves for almost a decade now since the release of our first book, Trim Healthy Mama.
But we discovered something as time went on.

This eating plan is not the ultimate answer.

No way of eating is.

Yes, THM has helped transform hundreds of thousands of lives. And don’t get us wrong. We believe it will stand the test of time as it leaves no food group out, is sensible, safe, and doable for the long term and we’re in it for life as so many of you are. But all the information, the helps, the cookbooks, the videos, the app, the member sites, the FB groups… everything we could think up to help… has honestly NEVER BEEN ENOUGH.

The reason… all the encouragement and all the help in the world cannot bring lasting change if your identity is stuck in an… “I’m that girl who eats her emotions.” Or “I’m just that girl who gets derailed.” or “I’m that girl who despises her body.”

We realized we were only helping so much. There was more… the bigger piece. The piece that actually means the most and does the most. The identity piece. Not just for your eating.. but for every aspect of your life… including your relationships.

So the concept of this book… this I’m That Girl thing… took precedence over all the other cookbook ideas we had. We realized we needed it… you needed it… maybe you didn’t even know you needed it… maybe you don’t even know if you want it.

But it’s time.