Hubby Lovin’ Seasoning & Breading


5oz (142g)

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Bring phenomenal flavor to your meats and veggies with a good dose of Hubby Lovin’. This seasoning began in our famous Hubby Lovin’ Chicken recipe in the Trim Healthy Table cookbook (p. 218), but it couldn’t be contained. It became a go-to sprinkle for everything savory… but it’s not just Hubbies who love it, Mamas and their cubbies adore it too. So toss it on your oven-roasted veggies. Use it as breading for meats and fish. Sprinkle it on salads and stir-frys… and of course for the most amazing oven-baked chicken… Hubby Lovin’ all the way!

Suggested Uses:

– Sprinkle seasoning to make anything savory and delicious


– Trace Minerals

– Blood Sugar Friendly

– Incredible Flavor

Ingredients: Parmesan Cheese, Nutritional Yeast, Himalayan Pink Salt, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Parsley, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Oregano

Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, wheat, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and coconut.

Contains: Dairy

Store in a cool dry place at humidity levels below 75%. For best results, refrigerate after opening.