Hello and welcome to my website! I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know how I got involved with Trim Healthy Mama.
My name is Amanda. I am married, and a stay at home mom of five little blessings.  I’ve always enjoyed learning about health and nutrition.  Over the years I have managed to avoid the fad diets and always found “healthy” ways to maintain my weight through diet and exercise. After having a few children, I began to count calories and to measure and weigh all my food.  I also was working out intensely.  The scale loved it! I was dropping weight! However, with this becoming my way of life, I was quickly becoming burnt out. I was always tired, exhausted from pushing myself too hard with working out, not really getting in a balanced diet but staying in my calories for the day. It was becoming too much.  It wasn’t a sustainable way of living.  By the time I was expecting our fourth baby, I couldn’t do it any more.
A friend introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama (THM) about three and a half years ago.  It took me a bit to accept that there was no sugar in this diet. If you read labels, you know, sugar is in almost everything!
However, after a few months I decided to buy the book and to see why people were raving so much about this “new” way of eating. I decided we should give it a try, after all you can have cheesecake, yes I said CHEESECAKE (my favourite ) on this plan! The plan is also completely family friendly.  So it wasn’t like my family would have a meal and I’d be eating something completely different.
It took my husband and me about a month to get fully on plan.  I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I was looking for better health.  I wanted energy, to have a healthy monthly cycle and to just feel good. I wanted to enjoy my food, not to feel deprived. From what I had heard, THM could help with all that!
So once we were 100% on plan, the results were pretty great! My skin was becoming brighter, from all the healthy fats and foods I was now eating.  My energy came back.  Also I LOVE this food.  You can cater to anyone on this plan.  Don’t like eggs, not a problem…love bacon, DEFINITELY not a problem!
As the plan became clear, and I started feeling so good, I started spreading the THM word.  Answering many texts, emails and phone calls about the plan, as friends and family navigated through the THM book.
Becoming a distributor for THM has been such a blessing. I’ve met so many new ladies and families in this past year.  Out of everything that comes out of Joyful Journey to Wellness, the best is hearing how my customers can’t stop telling people about Trim Healthy Mama.  Once you know how good it feels to be following THM, you want everyone to feel it, energy, strength, clarity of mind, weight loss and over all health.


I had never had a before picture to compare my before THM self to my THM self.  However, last year I was expecting our fifth child and was blessed to experience my first THM pregnancy. Now I could have a before and after picture!   Here is a picture of me on the left, at 36wks pregnant with our third child.  The right is me at 36wks pregnant, first THM pregnancy, with our fifth baby. (I should add, same starting weight for both pregnancies)

The difference with my pregnancy just solidified to me that we are on the right journey of health.  My major heart burn with all the other pregnancies, was almost nonexistent throughout the entire pregnancy. I could wear my “first trimester” pants all the way to full term, no water retention,  and a very active and healthy baby!  My recovery was a lot quicker, too!
Trim Healthy Mama is completely sustainable for life.  I’d love to help you join me on this journey.  Whether it’s to help you by providing you with products, or just advice and encouragement, please feel free to contact me!

Don’t see what you’re looking for, or want us to order something in? Contact us and we’ll do our best to help


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